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Happy Holidays!

A happy holiday season to all of you! See you next year!

Politics is the new rock

There’s not much new happening around the Stickman Ranch or the Label WG these days. The typical cold and rainy Hamburg fall weather has kicked in, and it’s getting a bit too close to Christmas to be working on new releases.
I have a rather unrealistic plan of being completely caught up with paperwork by […]

Expections on Election Day

I hope nobody is expecting anything intelligent out of my typing fingers today, because it’s election day! I‘m as jumpy as a box of frogs! Between checking the polls, giggling at this website (watch it with the volume on), chewing my fingernails and channel surfing between BBC and CNN, I‘m getting absolutely nothing done.
I‘m going […]

On the road again

Fall is always a time when a lot of bands are on tour, and our bands are no exception. Monochrome is currently in Spain, and Motorpsycho are packing their gear for these shows:
12.10.08 – (DE) Düsseldorf – Zakk
13.10.08 – (DE) Frankfurt – Mousonturm
14.10.08 – (DE) Bielefeld – Forum
15.10.08 – (DE) Dresden – Beatpol
16.10.08 – (AT) […]

Label WG happenings

The 3rd Reeperbahn Festival happened this past weekend, and was quite a success. Full clubs, some excellent bands, a good number of tickets sold, and a lot of enthusiastic voices spreading around the internet.
I‘m happy that this festival takes place in Hamburg, because it shows what a happening city this is when it comes to […]

Blogtyv and Reeperbahn Festival

I have to sneak in here early today, since I had the blog stolen from me by Crunchy Frog last week. I did of course have a brilliant 300-page essay lined up and ready to go, but alas, it’s too late now, the cat ate it.
We have another happening coming up soon as well […]

Come one, come all….

….to our party this coming Friday at the Grüner Jäger here in beautiful Hamburg.
Good eats, good drinks, nice people, a start to the weekend, DJs, and most importantly: live music. The grill will be fired up at 18:00, the bands will start 21:30(ish) and when it ends is up to you.
It’s going to be a […]

Bending the supply-demand continuum

In an attempt to cover up the fact that I FORGOT THE BLOG last week, I‘ve come up with a particularly intellectual title today. (In my defense, I was wading knee-deep in royalty statements and accounting last week, with a deadline, and didn‘t actually forget to blog. I simply forgot that it was Tuesday. The […]

Wurst Case Scenario

There has been a lot of talk about sausages recently at the Label WG meetings. And a lot of REALLY bad jokes have been made, too. All because of this:

It‘ll be announced again closer to the date, but I did just want to point out that we‘re throwing a little barbecue at the end […]


Summer, heat, festivals, etc. seems to be the theme of our blog these days. And it’s no wonder, because it is HOT here right now, and that’s not something you can say very often about Hamburg.
There’s a word in German: „Sommerloch“, and it’s translated as „silly season“ (Australian, British, I like this one) or „summer […]


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