Politics is the new rock

There’s not much new happening around the Stickman Ranch or the Label WG these days. The typical cold and rainy Hamburg fall weather has kicked in, and it’s getting a bit too close to Christmas to be working on new releases.

I have a rather unrealistic plan of being completely caught up with paperwork by the end of the year. Ambitious? Yes. Interesting? No. So what to talk about?

Politics? Well, has anybody else noticed that Barack Obama is the world’s newest rock star? How about this? Or better yet, check this out.

I rest my case.

The new office? I‘d love to have news on that, but we‘re still in the process of finding somebody to repair the roof. It’s not a big deal, but it’s been amazingly hard to find a roofer to come over and even look at the place. Hello? Recession? Why do these guys all seem to not need the business? If any enthusiastic roofers happen to read this, please give me a call!

1 Antwort auf “Politics is the new rock”

  1. 1 Motorpsychodelia 08. Dezember 2008 um 13:15 Uhr

    Hey, i just stumbled over yr blog, and i must say, stickman sounds like the one label that has understood music right, i am a big MP fan, their music is my biggets inspiration.

    If you catch up with snah, please deliver this to him „Halla fra gutta utfor rockefeller =D!“

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