On the road again

Fall is always a time when a lot of bands are on tour, and our bands are no exception. Monochrome is currently in Spain, and Motorpsycho are packing their gear for these shows:

12.10.08 – (DE) Düsseldorf – Zakk
13.10.08 – (DE) Frankfurt – Mousonturm
14.10.08 – (DE) Bielefeld – Forum
15.10.08 – (DE) Dresden – Beatpol
16.10.08 – (AT) Wien – Arena
18.10.08 – (B) Leuven – Het Depot
19.10.08 – (NL) Nijmegen – Doornroosje
20.10.08 – (NL) Rotterdam – Watt
21.10.08 – (NL) Amsterdam – Paradiso
22.10.08 – (DE) Kiel – Pumpe

There’s a lot of packing going on at the Label WG today, too. Not because anybody is moving out, but because about half of the labels are heading to Berlin and the PopKomm tomorrow. Happily, I‘m not one of them. :-) For the second time in more than 15 years I. Am. Staying. Home. Partly because I can‘t be bothered this year (and quite a few of the people who I really enjoy seeing there each year aren‘t going either) and partly because of the above-mentioned Motorpsycho tour and the fact that I really need to be in the office to tell people „No, you can‘t be on the guestlist!“. Life is rough.