Label WG happenings

The 3rd Reeperbahn Festival happened this past weekend, and was quite a success. Full clubs, some excellent bands, a good number of tickets sold, and a lot of enthusiastic voices spreading around the internet.

I‘m happy that this festival takes place in Hamburg, because it shows what a happening city this is when it comes to music. A lot of musical history has been written in Hamburg, after all.

The Label WG had an event at the Reeperbahn Festival, of course: a show at the Prinzenbar with Karamel, Kristof Schreuf, First Floor Power and Turner Cody. Scroll down a bit and you‘ll see some pictures. (OMG, I nearly fell out of my chair with laughter when I saw that picture of Jan and Lars – how many beers do they need to drink before they look like that?)

Luckily we have a long weekend coming up, because I would imagine that those two still have quite the hangover….but then again, there’s no rest for the wicked, because the Label WG is having a little party on Friday evening:

Label WG Party
with the Audiolith DJ Team
at 22:00
Grüner Jäger, Hamburg
Admission: € 4.00

See you there?