Soccer makes the world go around. Not.

I would have been here earlier, but for some reason my office computer is not talking to the blog today. So here I am on the ancient home „games computer“ which is causing no problems, but also means I don‘t have any photos to upload.

I also had to take my cat Henry to the vet today, but that’s another story. (And thankfully not a very dramatic one.)

Things are fairly quiet on the Label WG front these days, it being the beginning of summer and…yeah, that sporting event. You know, the one that Jörg from DevilDuck talked about yesterday. The one that his *ahem* American guests just don‘t „get“. I have to admit that I don‘t get it either, but then again, I don‘t get football, basketball or baseball either.

This is what I know of soccer:

1. There’s a rule called „Abseits“ which supposedly women are not capable of understanding. (I don‘t, so OK, whatever. But please DO NOT try to explain it to me. Thank you.)
2. A soccer tournament means that every band in the entire world tries to tour the same clubs at the same time so that they‘re finished before it starts.
3. A soccer tournament means that every band in the entire world releases their new album at the same time so that they can do what I wrote in #2.
4. A soccer tournament means that the Stickman phone doesn‘t ring for weeks on end, even though the games start in the evening and everybody should be working (instead of spending all their time checking out whether they‘re winning the betting pool run by their Dutch distributor coughBBIslandcough).
5. A soccer tournament means that I can work in my garden in the evenings but still keep track of whether Germany is winning or losing by hearing the screams and/or groans coming from across the river. There’s also a jerk over there who sets off firecrackers after every goal. Sigh.
6. A soccer tournament means that I can get caught up on bookkeeping and royalty statements since the phone isn‘t distracting me. This is NOT a good thing. Ugh.

But this too shall end. The annoying little flags hanging off of every car will eventually disappear (unfortunately most will end up on the side of some freeway and later become part of a huge landfill). Beer sales will go back to normal. Phones will start ringing. People will go out again.